When the pregnant mother touches the abdomen, the baby will make a response, thus stimulating the baby’s enthusiasm for sports and promoting the development of sports intelligence; the baby can feel the external stimulation through the tactile nervous system, which can also promote the development of brain cells and accelerate the intelligence development of the baby.

Pregnant mother, always unconsciously touch their abdomen, in fact, such a simple subconscious action, known as “touch fetal education”!

So, how to scientifically carry out touch fetal education? There are two ways:

Method 1

The pregnant mother lay on her back in bed, relaxed. Hold your abdomen in your hand, from top to bottom, from left to right, and gently stroke repeatedly. Use a finger to gently press the fetus repeatedly, and pay attention to the baby’s reaction when stroking. If the baby is not happy with the touch stimulation, it will appear restless or kicking hard. At this time, the mother should stop stroking. On the contrary, if there is a peaceful peristalsis, it means that the baby is very comfortable and satisfied.

The time of touching fetal education should not be too long. It is suggested that 5-10 minutes each time. After touching fetal education, you can talk to your baby or listen to music to your baby, 1-2 times a day, 5-10 minutes each time.

Method 2

If you gently push the abdomen with your hand, the baby may kick the abdominal wall. At this time, gently pat the baby’s kicking part, and the baby will kick the abdominal wall for the second time, repeatedly for three times, gradually forming a conditioned reflex. When the pregnant mother gently taps the abdomen with her hand, the baby will kick to the place where the baby is beating.

1-2 times a day, 5-10 minutes each time.

To touch fetal education, also need to pay attention to a few points

1, 1 ~ 2 times a day, adhere to the fixed time, so that the baby in the regular time habits into a natural reaction.

2. Before touching the baby, the pregnant mother should empty the urine to avoid excessive bladder expansion.

3. When touching the baby, the pregnant mother should keep a stable, relaxed, happy and peaceful attitude, and the action should be gentle.

4. When touching fetal education, we should also pay attention to the comfort of indoor environment, and the air should be fresh.

5. In the process of touching fetal education, if we can cooperate with language fetal education and music fetal education, the effect will be better.

6. Supine time should not be more than 15 minutes to avoid oppression and danger to the baby.

7. Pregnant mothers who are less than three months pregnant and are on the verge of delivery should not carry out touch fetal education, nor should pregnant mothers with threatened abortion or premature delivery.

Touch fetal education can not only let the baby feel the mother’s love, but also make the baby responsive, and can promote the baby’s intellectual development. However, if you want to cultivate smart babies, you should not only touch fetal education, but also pay attention to the supplement of postnatal nutrients.

Among the key nutrients for brain development, “brain gold” DHA has been well known, and its natural partner, MFGM, has also begun to be widely recognized and concerned.

The combination of MFGM milk fat globular membrane and DHA can not only help the baby establish a perfect brain network, but also accelerate the transmission of brain nerve signals, so that the baby can think quickly and quickly!


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