Umbilical cord around neck, I believe many pregnant mothers are not strange!

Some people saw the umbilical cord around their neck after the B-scan. They were very confused and began to read themselves.

“Oh, Lulu, can the baby suffocate with oxygen?”

“Baby, can you walk around by yourself?”

“What did mom do wrong to cause the umbilical cord around her neck?”

“Umbilical cord around neck can still be delivered, will it be difficult labor?”

Is it really scary around the neck? Today, I take pregnant women in a correct posture to understand the umbilical cord around my neck.

Why do the umbilical cord around the neck?

The umbilical cord is a link between the fetus and the mother. Umbilical cord around the neck is a common situation in fetal childbirth, the majority of the reasons are too long umbilical cord and fetal movement caused by frequent.

The fetus will be active in the womb. He will exercise regularly. Some of the babies will be quiet and big. If the umbilical cord is too long, and the baby is too active, then the incidence of umbilical cord around the neck will greatly increase.

Note that these pregnant mothers are prone to umbilical cord around neck.

1. Pregnant mothers who like to stay up late

Pregnant mothers often stay up late, the baby is very injured, not only on their own burden, the baby’s normal biological clock also changes with you, in the long run, the baby to the evening will become a small night owl restless, moving around increases the probability of umbilical cord around the neck.

2, exercise is too intense pregnant mother.

If the expectant mother often does various kinds of strenuous exercise, then the fetus will be bumped, in the womb will also follow the movement, breathing faster, and even because of lack of oxygen, which is very dangerous for the baby, will increase the probability of neck around.

3. Incorrect sleeping posture.

In the third trimester of pregnancy, for the pregnant mother, because in a special period, it is best to sleep on the left side, which can reduce the risk of aortic compression, to ensure the normal blood supply to the fetus.

Calm down! The umbilical cord around the neck is not that terrible.

Many people are very worried when they hear the baby’s umbilical cord around their neck, for fear that the baby will be in danger. Actually, umbilical cord around neck is not so terrible.

The umbilical cord has certain extensibility and length. For example, the umbilical cord is actually like a scarf worn in the neck of a fetus. The activity of the fetal head is relatively small. As long as the umbilical cord is not tightened, it usually does not cause harm to the fetus.

Umbilical cord around the neck for 1 week or umbilical cord around the neck of the baby, umbilical cord entanglement and compression degree is relatively light, the risk is not great;

If the umbilical cord around the neck for more than 2 weeks and the degree of compression (winding, exposure, prolapse, knotting, etc.), may affect the umbilical cord blood flow, there is a certain risk, pregnant women should be more careful.

Learn a few tricks to prevent the umbilical cord around the neck.

Number of fetal movements on a regular basis: By the middle and late stages of pregnancy, mothers-to-be can adhere to the number of fetal movements every day, helping to prevent umbilical cord around the neck. Every morning, at night and at night, set up your own most convenient time for 3 fetal movements, each time for one hour. Try to keep yourself in a relaxed environment when counting your births and listen to soothing music so that your baby will be more comfortable. If the number of fetal movements is normal, you can rest assured. If there is any abnormality, please go to the hospital in time.

Do a good job of fetal heart rate monitoring: after 35 weeks of pregnancy, expectant mothers will start to do fetal heart rate monitoring, which is also one of the ways to prevent fetal around the neck. If the fetal heart rate monitoring results are good, the general baby is not a big problem, if the fetal heart rate monitoring results are not good, may be the baby appears hypoxia, expectant mothers will pay attention to.

Appropriate activities: proper exercise during pregnancy is of positive significance for mother and baby. Expectant mothers can do some aerobic exercises, such as yoga, swimming, gymnastics, walking after meals, etc., are very good. It is worth noting that late pregnancy is best accompanied by family members to ensure safety.

Proper prenatal education: the most prenatal education to the baby, not only can promote the development of the baby’s brain, but also can prevent the umbilical cord around the neck, can avoid the baby in the abdomen too violent activity. Pregnant mothers can choose some music prenatal education, dialogue prenatal education, Light Prenatal education, daily interaction with the baby, enhance the feelings between mother and child.

Pay attention to rest: mother must work hard and rest. There must be enough rest time. If working mothers-to-be want to keep enough sleep every day, on weekends, can rest at home, can also go outdoors to breathe fresh air, to prevent long-term fetal hyperactivity, which helps reduce the risk of umbilical cord around the neck.


Umbilical cord around the neck although there is a certain risk, but in most cases will not cause fatal harm to the baby, mothers-to-be can rest assured. Usually do more effective preventive measures, the baby is also very smart, can come out of their own.


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