In spring and summer, many pregnant mothers reported that they were always sleeping poorly at night. Sometimes it’s hard to fall asleep. If you don’t get enough sleep late, you’ll be in a bad mood the next day. Sometimes you fall asleep early, but you always wake up at night, or you often dream, and you’ll still be in a bad mood the next day. Are pregnant mothers doomed to sleep poorly? Pregnant mothers sleep poorly in spring and summer, in addition to weather, emotions and other factors in the strange, some bad habits before bed, will also affect the quality of sleep. What are the bad bedtime habits that make pregnant mothers sleep poorly?

First, why is the sleep quality of pregnant mothers so poor in spring and summer?

1. Odd weather

Warm weather in spring and summer, the contraction of the body and limbs of pregnant mothers dilated blood vessels, splanchnic blood diverted to the surface capillaries, the brain is prone to insufficient blood supply, brain tissue oxygen supply is relatively inadequate, affecting the excitement of the brain, more likely to be sleepy.

2. Emotional Anxiety

Anxiety can also affect sleep quality and sleep time. Pregnant mothers should try to keep calm and optimistic mood, recall happy things before bed, and drink calming milk to help sleep.

3. Insufficient sleep at night

Low quality of sleep at night or lack of sleep will affect the state of the day. If pregnant mothers do not sleep well at night, they will be drowsy during the day. Long-term poor quality of sleep can easily affect the secretion of body hormones, and then affect the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

In addition, although many pregnant mothers have enough sleep time, but the quality of sleep is not high, which is related to some bad habits, let’s see if you are the same?

Second, bad habits before bedtime affect sleep quality

1. Playing with mobile phones before going to bed

Before going to bed at night, many people like to lie in bed, play mobile phones, play games, watch news or chat with micro-letters, which can not only make people relax, but also make people more tired. Pregnant mothers spend too much time playing with their mobile phones before going to bed at night, and then put them on their pillows, which is not conducive to their own health and the health of their babies.

Do you know? In daily life, a large number of electromagnetic waves of different wavelengths and frequencies are released from various electrical appliances and electronic devices, such as color TV, refrigerator, mobile phones, etc. in the course of their use, forming an electronic fog, which may affect the nervous system or lead to physiological disorders. Although the amount of electromagnetic waves released is very small, it can not be prevented. Especially pregnant mothers, but also to try to prevent.

Experts point out that 70% of the causes of birth defects are unknown, and 20% of the remaining 30% are caused by adverse environmental factors, including electromagnetic radiation. Although mobile phones have become an indispensable necessity in people’s lives, it is important to know that many people are still on the phone after pregnancy. However, in order to be safe, it is better for pregnant mothers to use less mobile phones during pregnancy, especially during the first three months of pregnancy.

2. Snacking before bed

Some pregnant mothers always eat before going to bed because they are afraid of hunger, and think about eating enough before going to bed. Some pregnant mothers become greedy after pregnancy, always want to eat, and always like to eat snacks before going to bed. Although it’s a blessing to eat, it’s also a time to score!

Sleep is an effective means of resting the cerebral cortex and restoring fatigue. During sleep, the digestive system is silently digesting food under the effective command of the central nervous system. If you eat too much before bed, it will increase the workload of the stomach and intestines. The information of their intense work will be continuously transmitted to your brain. If the brain can’t rest well, the pregnant mother will easily lose sleep and dream. Over time, the pregnant mother will easily sleep unstable, even nervous weakness.

Pregnant mothers eat less and eat more meals, which is good for the healthy development of their babies. Eating snacks between lunch and dinner is a nutritional supplement, but remember not to eat and drink in large quantities within two hours before bedtime. Pregnant mothers should have regular sleep time and control eating before going to bed.

3. Keep busy before bed

Some women become the queen of the family after pregnancy. They don’t have to do any housework. They have so much free time. What should they do? Cook TV series or read books, this is to let pregnant mom sleep without stopping!

In fact, cooking opera is not a wise choice. Long time watching TV can affect the blood reflux of the lower limbs of pregnant mothers, aggravate lower limb edema, and even cause varicose veins of the lower limbs.

If the pot opera fails, can you always read? But reading for a long time can also affect the vision of pregnant mothers and cause visual fatigue. Reading before bed can also lead to mood uncertainty, which can also affect the quality of sleep and the development of the baby.

For the health of themselves and their babies, pregnant mothers should constantly change their body position and sitting posture when watching TV or reading books, so as to prevent blood circulation disorders in the lower abdomen; use cushions or pillows to cushion their waists when watching; selectively watch TV plays or books, not watching stimulating TV plays and books, so as not to cause greater emotional fluctuations and sleeplessness; Attention, watch TV and read books should not be too long.

Since we know that these bad habits will affect the quality of sleep, pregnant mothers should pay attention to, stop wayward cough, timely change bad habits, forming a good sleep pattern, which is not only good for their own health, but also conducive to the growth and development of the fetus. Pregnant women sleep well at night, and the next day’s spirit will be great!


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