Farewell to the hot summer, autumn quietly arrived, a autumn rain, a cold, pregnant mother are ready? When the autumn wind rises, pregnant mothers should pay attention to timely adding clothes; “after summer, there is no disease, three points of deficiency”, the pregnant mother should take appropriate tonic in autumn; in autumn, the climate is dry, pregnant mothers also need to prevent constipation and respiratory diseases. Here is a guide to life for pregnant mothers in autumn!

▍ add clothes in time

The autumn wind rises and the autumn rain falls. It’s time for autumn clothes to go into battle. Are the autumn clothes ready for pregnant mothers? In the turn of summer and autumn, changes in temperature can easily lead to a cold in pregnant mothers. Medication during pregnancy is strict. In general, a cold can only be carried hard.

Timely add clothes, do not let yourself catch cold, in order to avoid cold. In autumn, there is a big temperature difference between inside and outside the room, so the pregnant mother should wear reasonable clothes. If you want to go out, you can appropriately add clothes or take a thin coat for standby according to the weather conditions; when you come home from the outside, if you feel hot, you should reduce your clothes in time, so as to avoid sweating and getting cold easily. Autumn morning and evening temperature difference is big, to the night, pregnant mother should also add clothes in time.

Pregnant women’s metabolism is fast, and they are afraid of heat. Even in autumn, they do not have to wear more than others. According to their physical fitness, they should add clothes in time and do not catch cold. If you cover too much, you will get sick!

▍ appropriate supplement

As the saying goes, “there is no disease after summer, three points of deficiency”, autumn appropriate tonic is the best time to restore and regulate the function of human organs. The weather turns cold in autumn, and the pregnant mother’s appetite is getting better. At this time, it is a good time to take tonic food, but we can’t rush to eat a lot of fish and meat. Pregnant women need to step by step, or they will not be able to eat yo, you might as well start from red beans, lotus seeds, yam and other food to strengthen the spleen and stomach.

In addition, to prevent autumn dryness, drink more porridge water, eat vegetables and fruits with lung moistening effect. Honey, Sydney can moisten the throat; radish slices mixed with honey can prevent and cure dry heat cough; often drink Soybean milk or fresh milk can nourish yin and moisten dryness, pregnant mothers can try yo!

▍ prevent constipation

Dry autumn, coupled with the special constitution of pregnant women, more prone to constipation. In order to have a “smooth” pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to pay attention to their daily diet and life.

1. Pay attention to diet: arrange diet reasonably, pay attention to balanced nutrition, don’t be partial to food, eat less spicy food, and eat more food rich in cellulose, such as oatmeal, sweet potato, potato, carrot, spinach, etc. In addition, you should drink more water and honey water, which not only helps digestion and detoxification, but also has the effect of moistening the throat and beautifying the face.

2. Pay attention to: don’t sit still for a long time, take a walk after dinner, exercise your muscles and bones, and enhance gastrointestinal peristalsis; don’t stay up late to ensure adequate sleep; put down anxiety and tension, and always keep a relaxed attitude.

▍ prevention of respiratory diseases

In autumn, the weather turns cool and the climate is dry, which is the high incidence season of respiratory diseases. The lower temperature makes it easier for respiratory viruses and bacteria to survive, and the resistance of respiratory mucosa to pathogens is reduced under the stimulation of cold and dry air. Pregnant mothers shoulder a heavy responsibility to protect themselves and guard against respiratory diseases. The prevention of respiratory diseases in autumn can be started from the following aspects.

1. Keep indoor ventilation: indoor air circulation is very easy to cause respiratory diseases, the room should be kept clean, regularly clean, open the door and open the window to ventilate, so as to avoid the breeding of germs. Bedding should be washed and dried frequently.

2. Reasonable diet: pregnant mothers should eat less spicy food, eat more light, easily digestible and vitamin rich fruits and vegetables, and drink more water at ordinary times to prevent respiratory tract mucosa damage.

3. Proper exercise: even if you are pregnant, you should also take proper physical exercise to enhance your physique and improve your body’s disease resistance ability. However, exercise during pregnancy should be well controlled and excessive exercise should not be allowed.


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