There is a full-time mother around. She likes to play when she is pregnant. She often goes to bed at one or two o’clock in the middle of the night and sometimes at three or four o’clock. As a result, the baby was also a “night owl” after birth, which made her mother toss.

Maybe, someone will say, this is just an example. But in fact, the baby in the mother’s stomach, his work and rest, to a large extent, by the mother’s work and rest time. Mothers who sleep early are more likely to have children who sleep early; mothers who sleep late are more likely to have babies who are night owls.

In addition, pregnant women sleep late, there will be other effects on the baby oh!

1. Affect baby development

During pregnancy, pregnant women are used to sleeping late at night, which will not only make them lack sleep and energy, but also make the fetus lack of nutrients and oxygen supply.

The sleep quality of expectant mothers is low, the digestion and absorption function of intestines and stomach is weakened, and the appetite will also be reduced, which will eventually lead to the lack of nutrition for the fetus, which is not conducive to the growth and development of TA.

In addition, pregnant women sleep well, easily upset and irritable, mood changes. According to the research, when the mood of the mother to be is unstable, the number of fetal movements of the baby will obviously increase, even more than three times as much as usual, which will also make the baby restless, physical consumption is too much, and affect the weight.

2. Affect the development of the baby’s nervous system

Early pregnancy, especially 3-8 weeks, is a critical time for the development of the baby’s nervous system. If the mother to be in this period of poor sleep, depression, will affect the baby’s nervous system development, increase the probability of fetal deformity oh.

3. Crying after birth

If the pregnant mother can’t sleep well, her mood will get worse easily. This kind of restless mood will also be directly conveyed to the child. For a long time, the baby will cry after birth, the mentality is not good.

Some mothers will say, I also want to go to bed early, but I can’t do it! What can I do? I’ll teach you some good ways:

1. Exercise properly to make yourself tired: exercise is good for sleep. Pregnant women can do housework, practice yoga, take a walk, do exercises for pregnant women and other light exercises, which can help relieve insomnia.

2. Drink a glass of milk before going to bed: it can supplement calcium and help sleep.

3. Relax your body before going to bed: soak your feet, take a warm bath, and keep your body in a relaxed state. If you have backache and pubic pain, you can also ask your husband to massage you to relieve your discomfort.

4. Use pregnant women’s pillow and other tools. The pillow for pregnant women can hold the belly of the mother to be, reduce the pressure on her back, and make her legs more comfortable.

Of course, if the mother to be has mild insomnia, don’t worry too much and blame yourself. After all, only when the mother is in a good mood can the baby be in a good mood!


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